Wanna Shine

At Wanna Shine, you can get dolled up for any occasion! I went to get a pedicure & a brow job:-) They did a great job! I really want to recommend them! Jane fixed my brows & Danielle treated me with the best Gel-pedicure ever! I really dont like to show off my feet, but now I actually feel good about it ;-P Throughout March they have a Pedicure offer for 395,- Normal price is 520,-. So hurry up & book online: & get the prettiest feet ready for spring! It lasts 3-4 Weeks! I like to tint my brows now & then & get them waxed by Jane, so they look brow-licious! Jane is the Queen of this! Here is some pictures of some of the other treatments at Wanna Shine.

Mani & Pedi


Lash Exstensions

Them Nails


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