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My Bathroom

Here is some of my favorite things to use in my Bathroom. I can really recommend all of it:-)



I use the Body wash from Karmameju its has a lovely scent and is really gentle and great for sensitive skin.  I use Kiehl’s Shampoo & Kiehl’s Conditioner because I like the scent, the ingredients and their Idea of recycling their containers. U can read all about them right here www.kiehls.com


For my Hair I use Oribe Dry Spray for the volume & Morroccan Oil to give my hair moist.  And off course my favorite brush in the whole world from Mason Pearson I have never had another brush than this! For my body I use Karmameju Bodylotion & I use it every day:-)  For my face I use products from Tromborg, in the summer I use their “Deluxe Day & Night face Cream”, but right now when its so cold outside I use their lovely face cream “Below 10 degrees cream” & in the night I use their “Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream”.

Right now you find a lot of these products in special gift offers all around the web or in stores in CPH, so maybe you can use it for a great Christmas gift or if you just want to treat yourself with something new!

Take Care 😉 XOXO Kimmielicious


We’ll always have Paris

“We’ll always have Paris”, is a famous line from the movie Casablanca. I just came back from spending some time in Paris, and I thought I would give you a mini guide to some of my favorite places to eat in Paris. J’adore Paris!


Les Deux Magots

This place goes way back.. One of my favorite dishes…Salade de Tomates, Mozzerella..


Le Pain Quotidien

I just Love this place, its fresh & organic!



Really good pancakes! The only minus is that there isnt a lot of seats, and if youre more than two visiting, you are sharing tables with others.




Notre Dame looked pretty as always <3



Forget Macarons for a while and try these cuties instead! Choux à la crème is a french pastry.



Strolling around in the heart of Paris!


Pret A Manger

Pret is a Healty food chain to take away or sit and eat. This “fast” food chain is worldwide with around 335 shops, mostly in UK. But luckily they are also located in Paris! I wish they would come to DK, they have everything from Breakfast, Snacks, Sandwiches & delicious healthy salads & off course Coffee.



This place is really Chic & Trendy, you have to book a table in advance, and you can choose to sit outside among white hydrangeas or inside surrounded by purple velor. This place is very high on the celebrity list, so dont be surprised if Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria or Kanye is sitting next to you;-) The food is SO good!



Pont Des Arts, such a sight! Yes Paris is the City of Love and this Love-Lock bridge has been a symbol of Love for many years in Paris, But did you know that a part of the iconic bridge collapsed this Summer? The weight from the Love Locks is a danger to this beautiful bridge.  See more here..


Sugarplum Cake Shop

The Carrot Cake is amazing!



Ralph Lauren’s Restaurant in Saint Germain, Paris. I love to sit in their Jardin & eat their Cobb Salade :-)


Rose Bakery

I was just introduced to this cosy spot on Rue Martyrs “ROSE BAKERY”. Freshmade Bakery, Breakfast, Salads, Quiche. Just YUMMY!






Another Healthy option, if you are on the go & just want to grab something healthy & fresh made. Located 22 places around Paris.



Le Coutume Café

Great Coffee, Great Breakfast. See the pictures with Banana Bread, Pancakes, Granola & Yogurt. They also serve Lunch! A bit far from everything, but totally worth a try!






Le Depanneur Pigalle

Cool place to have drinks and eat Mexi-American inspired food.




Hope you like my guide & get to visit some of the places:-)

XOXO Kimmielicious




My past weeks have been crazy busy! But I caught some Snaps!

My hair was cut:-)


On a shoot in…. Denmark! I Love This place its amazing!

IMG_3298 IMG_3310 IMG_3406 IMG_3419

On our way to B-day Party <3

IMG_3439 IMG_3506


This is what I look like when Im prepping a Job! 😀 Flowers on my way & lunch <3


TIMG_3663 IMG_3695 IMG_3711 IMG_3740

Energi Drinks is my fav! Time for my friends wedding <3 Amazing weekend!

IMG_3737 IMG_3971 IMG_4036 IMG_4076

Recording a song for our friends Dirty Thirty B-day! So much fun! On Location.. These Shoes<3

IMG_4180 IMG_4204 IMG_4209 IMG_4222

After Work Drinks at Nimb! Met with my bestie Louise to have some FroYou – YUM!

IMG_4231 IMG_4275

At my friend’s Thirty-Birthday!

IMG_4348 IMG_4352

Have you noticed that I Love flowers <3 Icecream with my hubby at Frederiksberg Chocolate Icecream bar, So good!

IIMG_4376 IMG_4383

Hangover Heaven! A good cheeseburger.. Have you tried Tommi’s Burger Joint in Kødbyen? Seriously the best!


Skt Hans Evening <3 What a sky!


Coffee before work in sunny Dk!


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Maché – Mid Season Sale 40%

I just Love the new shop in town, Maché! And right now they have Mid Season Sale with -40% on selected items! Just Saying!! You can shop online or drop by their shop! Some pretty good stuff!!

This is some of their new styles:-) Nelly Skirt 280,- & Nelly Top 300,- they will soon be available online, But right now you can buy it in the shop at Pilestræde 37.



MK organic pure oil & aronia juice Konkurrence


I dag er jeg startet med at tage denne olie og juice som shot hver morgen. Jeg går meget op i sundhed & træning, men jeg nærmer mig også snart de 30 og vil som de fleste gerne have en flot hud resten af livet:-) Jeg hørte om MK Olien og juicen og tænkte, det bliver jeg simpelthen nød til at prøve!

Olien W som jeg tager er økologisk og har en eksklusiv blanding af olier specielt udviklet for kvinder, der ønsker det ultimative inden for hud og kropspleje. MK organic pure oil W består af økologiske frøekstrakter og indeholder sortkommen, hør, hybenkerne, sesam og natlys.

Sortkommen er gennem de sidste 3.000 år blevet brugt af kvinder til skønhedsbehandlinger og indeholder essentiele fedtsyrer og bitterstoffer, som er afgørende for en god fordøjelse og har en beroligende samt harmoniserende effekt på huden. Hybenkerneolie bidrager med sin vitale antioxidantsammensætning og sine essentiele fedtsyrer til hudregeneration, den har en opstrammende virkning på huden og giver et vigtigt bidrag til en balanceret indtagelse af essentielle fedtsyrer.

MK organic pure aronia juice er en ren, økologisk koncentreret aronia juice tilsat lækker økologisk æblejuice. Ved at blande aronia og økologisk æblejuice produceres et naturligt antioxidantkompleks. Den er perfekt, når du vil af med den søde tand, når du skal træne eller bare som en daglig skønhedsrutine for at opnå en smuk hud og krop. Man blander MK organic pure aronia juice med MK organic pure oil.

Glæder mig til at følge effekten og skal nok holde jer opdateret, Skål!


DU kan vinde MK W olien & Aronia Juicen.

Det du skal gøre er : 1. TRYK på Facebook Like knappen under dette indlæg  Skærmbillede 2014-06-02 kl. 08.35.21
2. Skriv DIT bedste skønheds tip herunder i kommentar samt dit navn.

Så trækker jeg lod og offentliggør vinderen på min side. <3 <3 <3


Du kan følge MK olie og juice på instagram @nordic_power_beauty

Blot til info findes der også Olie O & M.

Olie O er specielt designet til hele familien og består af økologisk hybenkerneolie, kæmpenatlysolie, sesamolie og hørfrøolie. Indholdet af kæmpenatlysolie og hybenkerneolie giver milde smagsnoter samt et højt indhold af aktiverede essentielle fedtsyrer, hvilket gør den velegnet til hele familien.

Olie M er en potent olie-blanding specielt fremstillet til mænd. Den indeholder østrigst græskarkerneolie, hybenkerneolie, hørfrøolie, sesamolie og kæmpenatlysolie.

Her kan du købe MK produkterne:-)


African Beauty

As you might know I work as a fashion stylist and this is my latest work, I hope you will enjoy:-) The editorial is shot by Henrik Adamsen, Make up is done by Liv Worm Jensen & I did the styling!


Scarf//Lala Berlin – Top//By Malene Birger – Shirt//H&M – Necklaces//Topshop & H&M – Bracelets//Glitter


Scarf//Glitter – Dress//By Malene Birger – Dress//Charlotte Sparre – Necklaces//H&M


Scarf//By Malene Birger – Dress//By Malene Birger – Belt//By Malene Birger – Seashell Necklace//By Malene Birger – Necklace//Forte_Forte from Wettergren & Wettergren – Earrings//H&M


Scarf//Glitter – Blouse//Zara – Top//Zara – Necklace & Earrings//Dannijo from Wettergren & Wettergren – Choker//Bjørg Showpiece – Rings//H&M


Scarf//Stories by Rikke Mai – Top//Zara – Boucle Jacket//H&M – Blue Necklace//Shourouk from Wettergren & Wettergren – Necklace & Earrings//Dannijo from Wettergren & Wettergren





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