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Frankly Juice

Today is the 1st day of my 3 days juice detox cleanse & its also the first day of Senses “21 days Challenge”. (click on this link to read about the Challenge)

I have never been one of those, who can eat whatever they want, without gaining weight. I have to watch, what I eat & workout a lot to get/stay in shape. I enjoy sweets & I’m a foodlover.. BUT fortunately I LOVE to eat healthy & workout, so its not a problem for me at all :-) I live life to the fullest & I am not a fanatic. Every once in a while, I detox my body with a period with No sugar & Carbs for some weeks.. because I believe that its good for your body to be reset occasionally, for your health, body & mind. Sometimes I also enjoy to do a couple of days of Juice detox to Kickstart my healthy period & cleanse my body.. Its very important to know, that This juice detox is NOT about loosing weight, its only to kickstart my period. I would never recommend it, to loose weight.

Anyway.. normally I juice at home in my kitchen, which I really enjoy.. But right now Im busy working every day, so I need something thats easy for me to grab & go. So I chose to buy 5 different juices from FRANKLY JUICE. Frankly juice is based on cold pressed, in-season organic fruits and vegetables and nothing else. By cold pressing fruits and vegetables, they avoid destroying vital nutrients in their juices, and thereby ensure a living, honest and natural product.


For 3 days I will be enjoying 5 different juices a day. Its my own rules, during these 3 days. I can drink 1 coffee, all the water & pukka tea I want. If I experience any hunger, I can eat some nuts (ex. Almonds), no more than 15 a day.

In this very moment.. Im halfway on my 1st day & Im not hungry at all.. and the juices is SO delicious.. Right now Im drinking my 3rd juice of the day, which is really tasty : lemon, apple, lime, pineapple & chili. YUM


You can visit Frankly Juice in their new shop Frankly Market, in Sværtegade 2, Copenhagen! They have tasty juices, healthy salads and snacks. Its a REALLY great concept & just what DK has been waiting for! HEALTHY GRAB & GO, NO WAITING. Everything is ready & freshlymade.