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Vive la France

Whats not to Love about Cannes? I go here very often to relax and work, I just came home from the latest trip… oh god its cold in Copenhagen! This is my guide to some of the places that I love there! Hopefully the pictures will inspire you!   My View! Carlton is a Very beautiful Hotel in Cannes, Its placed at the “Promenade de la Croisette” (one of the famous streets in cannes), the view is stunning and its just opposite the beach. This street/promenade has all the expensive shops, restaurants and hotels. This place has really nice dishes for lunch and dinner… Le Cirque

  Fresh Fruit for Breakfast…yum!At Federal Vini Panini, you can grab a Delicious panini for Lunch or enjoy a Aperol Spritz or fine Wine during the whole day, they also serve great coffee and Croissants! Its really cosy & has nice vibes..
Uh la la one of my favorite treats when I visit France! Macarons from Ladurée, the lovely shop is at the famous shopping street Rue Antibes!
  I discovered this Make up brand KIKO which I had never heard about before, they have amazing stuff, I could buy everything!! Its actually an italian Make up brand founded in 1997. KIKO Milano vision is “Be what you want to be” . The shop is also located on Rue Antibes in Cannes.
  Wok Lunch at The beach L’Annex in Cannes.. Delish!
  Sunnies from DIOR, Shirt from Maché, Necklace from Trine Tuxen
  This is cute! AwwwwMust Glow ha ha…. I tried on this green tea mud mask from GLAMGLOW.  It was really good for my skin! http://www.glamglowmud.com/


I Love to go grocery shopping in the morning in Cannes, they have this big market “MARCHE FORVILLE“, with everything you can imagine! Veggies, Fruit, Meat, Fish, Poulet, Tapenade, Flowers… This is one the results from a home cooked meal with the fresh grocery!

  Marche Forville..
Ladurée once again….
  If you like icecream you have to visit this place! Glacier Vilfeu… its from a scene in Grease! Everything is baby pink, mint and neon lights.. and the icecream is spot on!
  Beach Outfit 😛Macarons from Jean luc pele, these where pretty but not as good as Ladurée!
Le pain Quotidien means “Daily bread”.Its a chain restaurant founded in 1990 in Brussels now its located all over the world! The french men eats a little bit weird for breakfast if you ask me 😛 Normally its coffee, cigarettes and a croissant. I like to get a nice start during the morning so I love to eat a healthy breakfast so I have a lot of energy for the day! I love this place!
The Steak N Shake has arrived in Cannes, it was founded in Illinois in 1934… their concept is really cool and the taste is fab too! Please come to Denmark! You should see their menu for Milkshakes.. its crazy! Ours was a Oreo Mint Shake:-P www.steaknshake.com
  Italian Gelato…. Crema di gelato

MY Favorite restaurant in Cannes is Italian… Funny right! DA LAURA Its small, cosy and the food is to die for! This is a must go to restaurant! During the busy summer season they are open for lunch and dinner.. But now its only for Lunch.. Its always really busy, but its worth waiting for.. if you come around 14 o’clock… its a bit less busy. This is the ravioli parma dish…. and the two desserts below is caramel & strawberry pana cotta.

IMG_9164.PNG La Casa Di Nonna serves homemade juices, cakes, nice breakfast : omelet, fried eggs, scramble eggs… GREAT Coffee and Lunch!