My past weeks have been crazy busy! But I caught some Snaps!

My hair was cut:-)


On a shoot in…. Denmark! I Love This place its amazing!

IMG_3298 IMG_3310 IMG_3406 IMG_3419

On our way to B-day Party <3

IMG_3439 IMG_3506


This is what I look like when Im prepping a Job! 😀 Flowers on my way & lunch <3


TIMG_3663 IMG_3695 IMG_3711 IMG_3740

Energi Drinks is my fav! Time for my friends wedding <3 Amazing weekend!

IMG_3737 IMG_3971 IMG_4036 IMG_4076

Recording a song for our friends Dirty Thirty B-day! So much fun! On Location.. These Shoes<3

IMG_4180 IMG_4204 IMG_4209 IMG_4222

After Work Drinks at Nimb! Met with my bestie Louise to have some FroYou – YUM!

IMG_4231 IMG_4275

At my friend’s Thirty-Birthday!

IMG_4348 IMG_4352

Have you noticed that I Love flowers <3 Icecream with my hubby at Frederiksberg Chocolate Icecream bar, So good!

IIMG_4376 IMG_4383

Hangover Heaven! A good cheeseburger.. Have you tried Tommi’s Burger Joint in Kødbyen? Seriously the best!


Skt Hans Evening <3 What a sky!


Coffee before work in sunny Dk!


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