Core Reformer

Core Reformer is a new chain of Reformer centers, where all attention is on you to get the best result of your efforts. With Reform training you gain strength, flexibility, endurance and a beautiful posture. Who wouldnt want that?? I have been training reformer for about 2 years and I just love it. There are different places to train & this place is the newest. I’ve been givin 3 free lessons here, and you can get it to. See how on their website I think its a really good way to see what they offer in the different classes & if you like reformer training. And then you can decide if you want to become a member. They also have a 25 min intro class permanent on their schedule, which always is for free to try. The have Reformer with 1/2 trapez, Reformer Core 1, Reformer Core 2, Reformer Dynamic, Reformer Strength, Reformer Flow. Read more here. They will also have Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Personal Training, 8 weeks Kickstart, diet & lifestyle courses. And They are expanding in the next couple of months to Hørsholm, Køge, Brønshøj, Roskilde, Nørrebro, Amager & Hillerød. The location of this center is Frederikssundsvej 340.

In my opinion this place is great. My teacher was Frida, she was very professional and really focused on my technique. Great energy too. Everything is new there, the place is nice, clean and with light space. A lot of room in the different reformer studios. Clean and Nice Locker rooms, with toilets & bath. And they have 2 hours of free parking. The only minus with this location for me, is the distance. Its too far out, I never drive this way. You definitely need to go by car or bus, unless you really like to be on your bike. I have a car and even then, I think its too far from my home at Frederiksberg. So if it was located in central Copenhagen, it would be perfect for me. So I really hope they will open soon. And did I forget to mention that their prices is amazing???!! Now everyone can afford to do reformer!! Yai !!











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