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Dear Santa

Merry Christmas!

This is some of my wishes for Christmas <3 Maybe you will get inspired:-)

Home sweet home

Harlekin Mirror table from Hugau/Larsson


Letter K with lights

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Diamond cushion velvet from Louise Roe

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GRACE VASE in Green Marble from Louise Roe

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Martini Glasses & Fab velvet chairs from Rue Verte

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For Me, Myself & I

Nutritransfer Brush buy it at Face & Body by Zinati


Bioeffect Serum

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For my Workout

Lululemon yoga & sportswear


To look fancy 😉

Adidas always a favorite!


Maché Skirt


Oh my Jimmy Choo!


Diamonds are a girls best friend <3

Figaros Bryllup 06-08/2013

Cool sneaks from Malene Birger

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A year card for the Royal Teater

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Party props

Hi Everybody! Thank God its Friday, Right?!

Last weekend, I celebrated my 30th Birthday with my friends! My birthday was in January, but I wanted to have a Summer Party this year, so I waited for 8 months to celebrate properly! 😛

Anyway… I wanted to share some of my Party props with you, cause they are amazing if you are to host a Party!

Custommade Pom Poms from Cph PomPoms Follow them on Instagram @CPHPomPoms

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Cupcakes by Serenity Cupcakes



Ombré plates & napkins from CopenhagenCakeShop – Flowers made by Me from Bjarnes Blomster-Cupcakes from Serenity Cupcakes

image8 Delicious Salty Karamel Macarons by Sena behind the Amazing BLOG: CAKE LIVING

image9 image10image7image4

My guests was SO Creative!!!! This is a Custommade Kimmielicious Box


A lot of people ask if I do Party Planning, and the answer to that is YES. I can be booked for Party’s, Babyshowers, Birthdays, Weddings… Everything is Possible!




My new Lover’s from Saint Laurent

My cover in Magasin <3 Alt for damerne – Bryllup <3 Go get it!    

Rainbow Easter Chocolate eggs

Launch of the Flagship store By Malene Birger! So Pretty! Crazy Light Installastion Art!    

Enjoying a bit of sun on my Terrace 

Pearl ring from Charlotte Lebeck 

My View…    



Fresh New Kicks from Adidas in Suede…


When life gives you lemons….Make Lemonade 😛


Amazing dress from Ole Yde!


Location Shoot.. What a view    

Lunch at Fredco’s MMMmmmmmnnnnn 




Pharrell x Adidas Superstar made Supercolors! I want them All!!!  

Press event at Gardenia  

These shoes is on my wishlist <3   

Lauras Bakery in Torvehallerne has made these Mini Cinnamon bites with cream! They are SO delish!


My Bathroom

Here is some of my favorite things to use in my Bathroom. I can really recommend all of it:-)



I use the Body wash from Karmameju its has a lovely scent and is really gentle and great for sensitive skin.  I use Kiehl’s Shampoo & Kiehl’s Conditioner because I like the scent, the ingredients and their Idea of recycling their containers. U can read all about them right here www.kiehls.com


For my Hair I use Oribe Dry Spray for the volume & Morroccan Oil to give my hair moist.  And off course my favorite brush in the whole world from Mason Pearson I have never had another brush than this! For my body I use Karmameju Bodylotion & I use it every day:-)  For my face I use products from Tromborg, in the summer I use their “Deluxe Day & Night face Cream”, but right now when its so cold outside I use their lovely face cream “Below 10 degrees cream” & in the night I use their “Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream”.

Right now you find a lot of these products in special gift offers all around the web or in stores in CPH, so maybe you can use it for a great Christmas gift or if you just want to treat yourself with something new!

Take Care 😉 XOXO Kimmielicious