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My new Lover’s from Saint Laurent

My cover in Magasin <3 Alt for damerne – Bryllup <3 Go get it!    

Rainbow Easter Chocolate eggs

Launch of the Flagship store By Malene Birger! So Pretty! Crazy Light Installastion Art!    

Enjoying a bit of sun on my Terrace 

Pearl ring from Charlotte Lebeck 

My View…    



Fresh New Kicks from Adidas in Suede…


When life gives you lemons….Make Lemonade 😛


Amazing dress from Ole Yde!


Location Shoot.. What a view    

Lunch at Fredco’s MMMmmmmmnnnnn 




Pharrell x Adidas Superstar made Supercolors! I want them All!!!  

Press event at Gardenia  

These shoes is on my wishlist <3   

Lauras Bakery in Torvehallerne has made these Mini Cinnamon bites with cream! They are SO delish!


Wanna Shine

At Wanna Shine, you can get dolled up for any occasion! I went to get a pedicure & a brow job:-) They did a great job! I really want to recommend them! Jane fixed my brows & Danielle treated me with the best Gel-pedicure ever! I really dont like to show off my feet, but now I actually feel good about it ;-P Throughout March they have a Pedicure offer for 395,- Normal price is 520,-. So hurry up & book online: www.wannashine.dk & get the prettiest feet ready for spring! It lasts 3-4 Weeks! I like to tint my brows now & then & get them waxed by Jane, so they look brow-licious! Jane is the Queen of this! Here is some pictures of some of the other treatments at Wanna Shine.

Mani & Pedi


Lash Exstensions

Them Nails



Frankly Juice

Today is the 1st day of my 3 days juice detox cleanse & its also the first day of Senses “21 days Challenge”. (click on this link to read about the Challenge)

I have never been one of those, who can eat whatever they want, without gaining weight. I have to watch, what I eat & workout a lot to get/stay in shape. I enjoy sweets & I’m a foodlover.. BUT fortunately I LOVE to eat healthy & workout, so its not a problem for me at all :-) I live life to the fullest & I am not a fanatic. Every once in a while, I detox my body with a period with No sugar & Carbs for some weeks.. because I believe that its good for your body to be reset occasionally, for your health, body & mind. Sometimes I also enjoy to do a couple of days of Juice detox to Kickstart my healthy period & cleanse my body.. Its very important to know, that This juice detox is NOT about loosing weight, its only to kickstart my period. I would never recommend it, to loose weight.

Anyway.. normally I juice at home in my kitchen, which I really enjoy.. But right now Im busy working every day, so I need something thats easy for me to grab & go. So I chose to buy 5 different juices from FRANKLY JUICE. Frankly juice is based on cold pressed, in-season organic fruits and vegetables and nothing else. By cold pressing fruits and vegetables, they avoid destroying vital nutrients in their juices, and thereby ensure a living, honest and natural product.


For 3 days I will be enjoying 5 different juices a day. Its my own rules, during these 3 days. I can drink 1 coffee, all the water & pukka tea I want. If I experience any hunger, I can eat some nuts (ex. Almonds), no more than 15 a day.

In this very moment.. Im halfway on my 1st day & Im not hungry at all.. and the juices is SO delicious.. Right now Im drinking my 3rd juice of the day, which is really tasty : lemon, apple, lime, pineapple & chili. YUM


You can visit Frankly Juice in their new shop Frankly Market, in Sværtegade 2, Copenhagen! They have tasty juices, healthy salads and snacks. Its a REALLY great concept & just what DK has been waiting for! HEALTHY GRAB & GO, NO WAITING. Everything is ready & freshlymade.



Hjemmelavede Fastelavnsboller


I dag er det Fastelavn & på denne søndag, skal vi naturligvis have hjemmelavede nybagte fastelavnsboller. Du kan selv nå at lave nogle & her er opskriften, som jeg har brugt:-)

De er virkelig gode!

Fastelavnsboller (18-20stk)

40 g gær
150 g smør
1,5 dl mælk
4 spsk rørsukker
1 tsk stødt kardemomme
2 æg
ca. 450-500 g hvedemel
et nip salt & kornene fra en vaniljestang

4 æggeblommer
30 g rørsukker
6 tsk hvedemel
4 dl mælk
Kornene fra en vaniljestang

150 g rørsukker
150 g marcipan
125 g blødt smør

Smelt smørret sammen med mælk i en gryde, og hæld det over gæren, som røres ud deri. Sukker, kardemomme, æg og salt tilsættes og det hele røres godt sammen. Tilsæt mel indtil dejen bliver smidig og kan æltes uden, at den klistrer for meget, men pas på ikke at tilsætte for meget mel.

Lad dejen hæve i ca. 45 minutter – imens laves creme og remonce.

Alle ingredienser til vaniljecremen kommes i en gryde og varmes langsomt op under konstant omrøring, indtil cremen tykner. Når cremen har en god tykkelse, tages den af varmen og køles af, inden den skal i bollerne.

Rør sukker, marcipan og blødt smør godt sammen og stil det til side.

Når dejen har hævet, rulles den ud af flere omgange og skæres ud til små firkanter. Kom 1 spsk creme og 1 spsk remonce på hver firkant og fold alle fire hjørner ind på midten, så fastelavnsbollen lukkes godt, og indholdet ikke sniger sig ud.

Bollerne sættes med lukningen nedad på en bageplade – inden bollerne skal i ovnen pensles de med mælk eller æg, hvorefter de bages i ca. 12 minutter ved 200 grader, eller til de er gyldne.
Når fastelavnsbollerne er afkølede, pyntes de med tyk glasur & eventuelt pynt.



Opskriften er hentet fra TheFoodClub.dk :-)


My Bathroom

Here is some of my favorite things to use in my Bathroom. I can really recommend all of it:-)



I use the Body wash from Karmameju its has a lovely scent and is really gentle and great for sensitive skin.  I use Kiehl’s Shampoo & Kiehl’s Conditioner because I like the scent, the ingredients and their Idea of recycling their containers. U can read all about them right here www.kiehls.com


For my Hair I use Oribe Dry Spray for the volume & Morroccan Oil to give my hair moist.  And off course my favorite brush in the whole world from Mason Pearson I have never had another brush than this! For my body I use Karmameju Bodylotion & I use it every day:-)  For my face I use products from Tromborg, in the summer I use their “Deluxe Day & Night face Cream”, but right now when its so cold outside I use their lovely face cream “Below 10 degrees cream” & in the night I use their “Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream”.

Right now you find a lot of these products in special gift offers all around the web or in stores in CPH, so maybe you can use it for a great Christmas gift or if you just want to treat yourself with something new!

Take Care 😉 XOXO Kimmielicious